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Chip Tuning is a process used to increase the performance of your vehicle. Chips started to be used in the ecu (engine control unit) of a vehicle in late 1980s, the chip stored all the tuning data used to adjust the fuel delivery and timing of the engine, when the turbo charger was introduced, boost pressures were also controlled.

What does chipping my car do?

The term get my car chipped, basically means changing the mapped values within the chip in the engine ecu. Standard map values programmed into the chip will produce a known power output, this map value can be changed to increase power and torque.

Later vehicles still have chips in the engine ecu however to change the map values the process is much easier and the process is called remapping. Changing the map in a modern engine ecu is usually done via the diagnostic port of the vehicle, software changes can be made much quicker.

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