Car Tune - mobile engine remapping and home tune-up service

about remapping your vehicles ECU

With more than 35 years of experience in performance tuning and remapping we have the knowledge and expertise to remap your vehicle's ECU and release hidden power or improve economy.

We use the very latest tuning equipment to remap your cars ecu.

For classic car tuning we are fully qualified Crypton and Sun Electric trained. we have been offering a mobile tune-up service since 1983.

We don't just remap cars and vans for power and economy, listed below are other services we offer.

DPF delete ( dpf disable dpf removal )

EGR disable (egr delete egr removal)

Lambda/O2 Disable

Intake Manifold Flap Disable

AdBlue (SCR) Disable

Map Switching / Multimap

Exhaust Flap Control

Launch Control

No-Lift Shift

Hard Rev Cut

Start-Stop Deactivation

Tuning On Sport Button

Cylinder On Demend

Fault code errors deleted ( stop warning lights coming on )

Vehicle speed limiters removed or increased

Engine rev limiters removed or increased or decreased

Pops and bangs (can be tailored to your requirements)

ECU Engine remapping uses state of the art software to rewrite your car's engine control unit to give you increased economy and performance.

Many vehicles since the mid 90s were built with OBD II socket, this provides a gateway to your engine's control unit which is utilised to remap the parameters that control your engine's performance.

With fuel costs rising rapidly fine tuning can improve MPG significantly, if your requirement is more power then this would be mapped into the file uploaded to your ECU.

Please call 07860 229516 or Landline 01992 635144

Mobile service or Save Money and come to us . ( appointments only )