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We understand diesel particulate filter problems and can offer a range of services to fix DPF faults. Get in contact with one of our experienced engineers to see how we can help today.

DPF filters can get blocked

This will cause your vehicle to go into a limp mode, which will reduce the vehicles power and speed.

DPF Services

Diesel particulate filter services

DPF Diagnostics

When you see a dpf warning light or engine warning light and you have reduced power a dpf diagnostic should be carried out first. Armed with this important diagnostic information we are able to offer you the best advice. We can offer many different solutions to fixing dpf related faults, please call us to arrange a dpf diagnostic first. 

All DPF programming carried out at our base in Wisbech (PE149PJ) while you wait, available 7 days a week. No mobile DPF services available.

DPF Programming

When components have been replaced such as a new dpf or pressure sensor or temperature sensor programming is usually required following new parts being fitted to the vehicle. We offer this service for all makes and models.

DPF Delete

We offer a DPF delete service, however, you will need to arrange for the removal of the DPF yourself. Please call for more information.

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We have over 35 years of technical experience in car diagnostics and DPF tuning.

DPF Service

ALL DPF work is carried out at our base in Cambridge available 7 days a week, our postcode is PE149PJ

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There are many reasons why this happens. The common causes are driving around town too much and not giving the vehicle good run. Faulty or worn components on the engine will also cause problems.

Dpf regeneration takes place when the vehicle is driven at higher speeds at longer distances. A forced regeneration is carried out by the garage if the dpf is partially blocked.

This will depend on how blocked the dpf is. Usually it takes between 30 minuets to one hour.

Only regeneration, we do not remove the dpf for cleaning.

DPF remapping is a programming service used to write out dpf related faults.

Dpf filters were fitted to cars and vans as early as 2006 and became law in 2013 to be fitted as standard.